Despite the fact that e-Commerce is the boom in the distance trade service, personalized physical advice continues to be the most reliable procedure for Colombians.

It was possible to demonstrate through the VAT-free conferences carried out previously, that despite the efforts of Colombian companies to provide an efficient service through online stores, the consumer population prefers to make their purchases of technological products in physical stores. This could be due to the fact that 49% of consumers who choose to buy in a physical store, instead of one online, do so with the aim of seeing and touching the product before buying it, for the possibility of trying it on and for the concern that the products are different from how they appear on the web.

“Latinos in general and Colombians in particular need to be close to acquire a product or service. We are consumers who like to ask, we like to touch, perceive, feel, before buying. These feelings or perceptions cannot be digitized, which is why we invest in physical stores specialized in commercial matters” explained Julián Orjuela, director of Go to Market at Tigo.

In this way, the company invested more than $1,200 million to open and renovate four stores in order to specialize in sales. In this way, it seeks to complement the options of the digital ecosystem with physical stores, thus complying with the purchase method of Colombians.

"With a physical store, the user is given an experience that cannot be found in internet sales."

Purchases in physical stores are identified with a series of attributes that are difficult to find in front of a screen. The experience involves the process of entering the store, looking at the products, selecting one, examining it, touching it, listening to it, and even smelling it. In addition to obtaining the desired product instantly, the experience has the guided advice of trained personnel who can resolve immediate doubts and even advise the consumer on their purchase, the products can be tested in addition to attracting the buyer's attention with additional products that can be be offered.

Physical stores continue to be the most reliable method of purchase in Colombia, the fear of finding faults in products purchased online adds to the difficulty in making a change and the waiting time for the product to be transferred to the city of the what was sent. It is probable that the consumer who bought a t-shirt that was not what he expected, chooses to give it away instead of making a change, generating a bad shopping experience for him.

In order to have appropriate strategies for the consumption customs of the country, we can conclude from the buying behavior of consumers in Colombia that physical stores are usually a space for experience, relationship and personalized advice that surpass trust, security, speed and customer service to e-Commerce. Find more information with our advisors and discover the great opportunities of physical stores in the Colombian market.


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